high quality, nutrient dense.

When cows are raised and finished on pasture, incredible things happen. We at Deep Mountain Farm pride ourselves on taking care of our land, water and livestock in a manner than ensures future health for generations to come. High quality, nutrient dense food can only come from healthy land with a diverse ecosystem. When you put the land first, healthy food follows.


What do cows do for the land?

Cattle are an amazing species! They can turn fibrous, unpalatable plants into nutrient dense meat and milk, all thanks to their unique digestive system. If a human attempted to live off coarse grasses they would wither away, yet the cow can easily grow to be 1000’s of lbs. Amazing right?! Everything about the cow is built to improve the land, so why not let them? From eating to fertilizing, the cow and the soil are working together. As we rotate our small herd across the farm they do their part in mowing down the pasture which stimulates new growth. They apply their own fertilizers which feed a whole new host of life forms! Those microbes and insects work to make nutrient from the grazer’s droppings available to plants who in turn feed the cows. The cycle is never ending!


New Life.

Every year we have a few calves born on the farm. It’s always a moment of celebration. All of our cows give birth in the field, in a place of their choosing and completely undisturbed. This allows for great bonding and a wonderful start to life for the calves!

Screenshot 2019-03-23 11.08.18.png

Multi-species Grazing.

Our cows work together with our other livestock to regenerate the soil. Each species bring its own set of “skills” to the job. The grazers are our mowers and fertilizers while our chickens are our sanitizing crew, scratching open cow pies and spreading manure of their own. Each year we notice a significant change in our pasture quality thanks to our farming methods. Are you curious about seeing it for yourself? Schedule a farm tour and let us show you around!

Grass finished beef prices:

  • Filet mignon: $33

  • Ribeye steaks: $22/Ib

  • Sirloin steaks: $18/Ib

  • Flat iron steaks: $14/Ib

  • Rump roast: $12/Ib

  • Ground: $8/Ib

  • Brisket: $18/Ib

  • Tips: $14/Ib

  • Short ribs: $6/Ib

  • Rump roast: $10/Ib

  • Eye of round: $14/Ib

  • Heart/liver/tounge: $10/Ib

  • Bones (marrow and shank): $6/Ib