Livestock Guardian Dogs

Here at Deep Mountain Farm we raise great Pyrenees and Pyrenees/Anatolian crosses to be used in their traditional role as Livestock Guardian Dogs. Our litters are born from strong working bloodlines with excellent confirmation, working drive and temperament. Each litter is raised from birth with exposure to poultry and sheep and cattle. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing one of our guardians Contact Us today.

River in her light summer coat with her charges. 2018.

River in her light summer coat with her charges. 2018.

On Pasture

Our pasture based operation would not be possible without our Livestock Guardians. Our dogs are immersed in the flock from day one. They spend their life bonded to our livestock, protecting them from both ground and aerial threats. Our guardians, work as a team to defend our farm from stray dogs, hawks, owls, fox and coyote. They use their impressive bark to warn predators who are encroaching on their territory. They rarely need to take it any further.

It is important to us that we exist peacefully amongst the wildlife and owning a team of guardians allows us that. Historically, farmers have been at odds with predators and are responsible, in part, for their dwindling numbers. Our dogs bring us peace of mind and have proven themselves capable of keeping a close eye on everything.

If you would like to read more about the important role predators play in its ecosystem, check out Predator Defense.

Magnolia with her young pups in the barn, 2017.

Magnolia with her young pups in the barn, 2017.

Young Guardians

Our pups are whelped in the barn and raised from day one with poultry and sheep. Despite not being able to hear or see at birth they are still able to take in the livestock and surroundings by scent. This early introduction to the stock sets the stage for proper bonding and a lifetime of working. Our goal as a breeder of this magnificent working animal is to produce a strong, dependable working dog with excellent confirmation and level temperament.

To further ensure the success of our guardians on their new farms they are raise under their mother's watchful eye for a minimum of 12 weeks. In our experience this extra time with the pack helps transition them to their new farms more smoothly. By this age they are finding their voice and participating in perimeter checks with the pack. If you're interested we offer extended training, beyond 12 weeks, on a month by month basis.

In addition to our guardians being well socialized with the livestock we also handle the pups from birth. In our experience its important that Livestock Guardians are not wary of human touch. There may come a day that you need to tend a wound, or administer medication and its easier to do this if your full sized guardian is accustom to being handled. This socialization with humans does not interfere with their ability to do their job. All of our pups are happy to be with their charges but also enjoy the company of their humans.

Vet Care

If your pup is going home at 12 weeks there will be a remaining vet visit at 16 weeks to complete vaccines and deworming schedule with your own vet. If you opt for extended training remaining vet care is taken care of by our vet. If you have any questions or would like any testing done let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your requests as best we can.

All litters receive the following:

  • Dewormer every two weeks.

  • Age appropriate vaccines.

  • First round of flea & heartworm preventative.

  • All vet records and our vet's contact info for record transfer.

  • Certificate of Health provided by our vet within 7 days of transport.

Our vet regularly checks the health of our breeding dogs. They have determined our dogs have great confirmation are excellent candidates for breeding.

Ghost, our Great Pyrenees Sire.

Ghost, our Great Pyrenees Sire.

Ghost (Sire)

Meet Ghost, a fantastic examples of the Great Pyrenees breed. He is a stout, rugged dog with a broad head and rumbling voice. He quickly stepped into his role as a courageous Livestock Guardian. A gentle giant, Ghost has alerted us to Bears, Coyotes, and all sorts of smaller vermin. In addition to being an incredible Guardian he is sweet, submissive

and patient with our kids. Primarily he is used to watch over our chickens but has proven to behave excellently around sheep, goats and cows.

River, 2018.

River, 2018.

AKC River of Deep Mountain (Dam)

River is a AKC registered Great Pyrenees who comes from Grand Champion Bloodline and has an incredible working drive to go with it. Our sheep are tightly bonded to her and seek out her presence when they are lambing. We actually predict when lambs are on their way based on her behavior. She has been seen defending her charges from coyote and areal threats such as hawks and buzzards.

Sheep beginning to wake while the dogs are catching up on sleep after a long night.

Sheep beginning to wake while the dogs are catching up on sleep after a long night.

Magnolia, 2017.

Magnolia, 2017.

Magnolia (Dam)

This gentle guardian is an excellent example of a working dog. Magnolia, a Great Pyrenees, is a half sister to River and also comes from an AKC Grand Champion bloodline, but is not registered. She has adapted to any species we introduced her with and does a incredible job at keeping threats at bay. She has been a fantastic mother, raising well mannered working livestock guardians.

It’s In their Blood.

One Spring we were in the middle of lambing season and had noticed an increased amount of coyote activity. To be safe, we moved the sheep and the dogs next to the house so we could keep a closer eye on things. At the time River was less than a year old so we kept her with Magnolia, our more experienced guardian. In the early morning we heard the coyotes extremely close to the house and our dogs responding to the attack. Chris ran out to find Nola defending the fencing line and River rounding up the sheep to the center of the paddock. The girls were working as a team to defend their charges! Our guardians continued to bark for over 3 hours. When we got up the following morning the scene was the same! Except now, everyone was asleep. Pictured here is Magnolia on the pallet at the fence facing the woods to the left and River in the center of the sheep. Everyone ALIVE and well thanks to our Livestock Guardian Dogs!


Non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to secure a puppy and is applied towards the purchase price. Deposits can be made as early as the time of birth. We prefer to place our dogs in working homes and reserve the right to refuse sale if necessary.

Full Price

Puppies start at $850 and are available for transport at 12 weeks. After the $400 deposit is made the remaining $450 is due before they leave the farm. If for any reason you are unable to keep your guardian for its full life we will take it back and do our best to find it another working home, rather than it end up in a shelter. Adding a Great Pyrenees to your farm is a long term, serious commitment, so please do not take it lightly.

Health Certificate

As mentioned above in Vet Care, all pups go home with a Certification of Clean Health from our vet within 7 days of leaving the farm. This is required for all pups, especially those that are to be transported by a third party. This service is additional $50 and can be paid anytime before their appointment. We will contact buyers towards the end of the pups time with us to pay this fee. If this fee is not paid, the pup does not receive a certificate and will not leave the farm. If the pup must stay longer than the previously agreed time there will be additional boarding/training fees.

Extended Training

We want all of our guardians set up for success, which is why we offer extended training. Folks take advantage of this offer for a variety of reasons. Whatever you reason, the extra time learning from the adult dogs is a great start to their working lives. For an additional $200 a month we are happy to continue their training with livestock under the watchful eye of the pack. This includes feed and remaining vet care costs during their stay with us.  This fee is due at the time of the deposit.


Interested in being informed of our future litters? Contact us below and we will be happy to let you know when we are expecting our next litter of working dogs.

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