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Our Pasture Raised chicken is like no other and our customers know it! We have stocked our freezers with delicious whole birds just for you! If you have special requests feel free to contact us, we would be happy to completely customize your purchase. Send us a message below including your custom order. We will send you a confirmation email and add you to our waiting list for the following processing date.

 Our birds have a full diet of tender plants and insects, supplemented with free choice grain and spring-fed water right off the mountain. They live a good life while playing a crucial role on the farm building healthy soils.


If you would like, we offer a Breakdown Service. We are happy to make custom cuts for you prior to packaging. This includes breaking a bird down to legs, thighs, wings, breasts, and packaging them separately while also packaging the remaining carcass and neck together for stock.

Whats the benefit of having us breakdown your bird for you? Having specific cuts made before packaging simplifies meal prep and planning. Turn your batch of whole birds into BBQ legs, wings and thighs on the grill, save those chicken breasts for fajita night another week and the neck and carcass for the winter when you crave a savory stew. We'll gladly do the hard work for you.
This service requires a minimum purchase of 3 birds. 


We are proud to offer a variety of Pastured Poultry products from our field to your freezer!

Birds weigh between 3.5-4.5lbs each.

Whole Chicken Whole Chicken includes neck, minus feet. -- $5/lb

Stock Package Whole carcass including neck plus four clean feet -- $5/lb

Cleaned Feet Sold in packages of 5, also great for making Chicken Stock -- $5/lb

Hearts & Livers Sold in approximately half pound packages -- $10/lb

Breakdown Service Custom cuts made to your whole chicken order. Please leave a description in the message below detailing your breakdown list. The cost is in addition to the weight of your Whole Chicken order  -- $3/lb

Scratch & Dent Occasionally, we have birds that are damaged during processing but would still make a delicious meal. They are available at a discounted rate and go quickly! -- $4/lb

We offer a delivery service up to 1.5 hour from the farm for bulk/multi-family purchases. Let us know if this is a service you would be interested in.

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